Sunday, January 14, 2007

life goes on

I am back after a long time. In beteen many things happened which changed my life. I got a job as Trainee Software Engineer in Technovista Ltd. I am going to office regularly now. But now I am sad about the road misshap, which claimed two valuable lives of our senior brothers and severly injured another. Though I have never met them, I feel sorry for them as they were very young and about to start their real life. This is so pathetic. May Allah almighty bless their souls.

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Ashique said...

sad ... really sad.
why these young people have to leave so early?? why?

I got a news... they were only 3 in the car ..tajik bhai was driving.fortunately he survived but other 2 died. reason is,only tajik bhai tied his seat belt .. others didn't.