Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have been a novice to LifeHacker and everybody praises autohotkey there. The features are very much alluring to me. This is the tool I should make most use of. But alas I still could not make any use of it. If I can make use of it then everybody in my team will be so happy to get rid of sending the hidden numbers(!).
OK now here is the problem:
I have to copy a number from outlook (Ctrl+c)
Move to the next window (Alt+Tab)
Select the existing text of a input field (Ctrl+A)
Paste the copied text there (Ctrl+v)
Submit the form (Enter)
Take a screen shot of the window (Alt+PrintScreen)
Move back to Outlook (Alt+tab)
Press reply of the current mail (Ctrl+r)
Paste the screen shot from the clipboard (Ctrl+v)
Send the mail (Ctrl+Enter)

Now I have made a script to do that. But its not working. When i run the script the Windows behave strangely and sometimes I had to restart the computer :(. Here is my script,

Send ^c!{tab}^a^v{enter}!{PrintScreen}!{tab}^r^v^{enter}

I think I have to use more advanced tricks like checking if the window is active or not. Gedu amare bacha...

Friday, September 19, 2008

using ClearType

I have been using a LCD (i mean notebook) for about six months now, but have not heard about clear type font ! It is disabled in XP as default. Today i have found a article in pcworld about it and it makes me feel like "how stupid i was and bill gates still is:p"