Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have been a novice to LifeHacker and everybody praises autohotkey there. The features are very much alluring to me. This is the tool I should make most use of. But alas I still could not make any use of it. If I can make use of it then everybody in my team will be so happy to get rid of sending the hidden numbers(!).
OK now here is the problem:
I have to copy a number from outlook (Ctrl+c)
Move to the next window (Alt+Tab)
Select the existing text of a input field (Ctrl+A)
Paste the copied text there (Ctrl+v)
Submit the form (Enter)
Take a screen shot of the window (Alt+PrintScreen)
Move back to Outlook (Alt+tab)
Press reply of the current mail (Ctrl+r)
Paste the screen shot from the clipboard (Ctrl+v)
Send the mail (Ctrl+Enter)

Now I have made a script to do that. But its not working. When i run the script the Windows behave strangely and sometimes I had to restart the computer :(. Here is my script,

Send ^c!{tab}^a^v{enter}!{PrintScreen}!{tab}^r^v^{enter}

I think I have to use more advanced tricks like checking if the window is active or not. Gedu amare bacha...


Mahmudul Hasan said...

haha, tui dhora khaisos jene anondito lagche, anyways tor hotkey mone hoi duibar execute hocche.Carefully dekh, tor script nijei nijeke call kortese naki....

Maroof said...

halar po, script leikha de...